May 14, 2024

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About Bryan

Bryan Paseka was born and raised in Fremont, Nebraska and is a ​lifelong resident of eastern Nebraska. A 4th generation ​Nebraskan, he graduated from the University of Nebraska ​system with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal ​Justice. After graduation, he moved to Omaha and took a ​position with Nebraska Department of Corrections where he ​served the community as a Corrections Corporal.

In 2015, Bryan moved back to Lincoln to pursue a career in the ​transportation sector. He currently holds an elected officer ​position within his local rail union. Bryan believes union values ​are Nebraskan values.

Bryan lives in north Lincoln with his wife (Kimberly), son (James), ​and two loveable dogs (KC & Clover - named after a couple of ​the Paseka Family’s favorite teams, KC Royals & Boston Celtics).

The Issues

Dignity and Equality

As a union officer, Bryan recognizes how hard Nebraskans ​work. He believes there is value in all work and will fight to ​make sure that all Nebraskans feel secure, respected, and ​protected. Whether it is in your personal day-to-day life or in ​the workplace, Bryan promises to uphold your right to safety ​and dignity.


Bryan believes that affordable healthcare and medical privacy ​should be a right for all Nebraskans. He is a staunch ​supporter of women’s reproductive freedom. The residents of ​Nebraska deserve to work directly with medical provid​ers on pers​onal healthcare needs without fear of government overreach.

Schools and Childcare

Bryan believes that all children in Nebraska deserve ​high quality childcare and education. He wants to see public​ funding stay within the public school system. We owe it to the​ future of children and educators to invest in them properly.​


Bryan is in this race to be part of the solution that brings ​about change in Nebraska politics. The division is not helping ​everyday Nebraskans and we need to get back to a place ​where we can use common sense and understanding to help ​create a better future for ourselves, our children, and future ​generations of Nebraskans.

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